Graham had a big, and I mean BIG year. Early this spring, he attended YMCA baseball camp, and was the designated "power hitter" on the squad. As members of the Huron Valley Swim Club, he competed for the swim team this summer, taking home a heat ribbon at the league championships. He finished out the year as a member of the Saline Swim Team, competing in both the intrasquad and TYR Fall Classic.

Stuart also had a big year: He qualified for regionals again and placed in several events, including a first place on Vault. In the summer, he took up diving w/ the Huron Valley dive team; needless to say, his gymnastics experience helped, and he took second at Championships. This fall, he moved to Gym America to compete in gymnastics again, this year at level six. He placed in four events at this first meet, despite a minor injury early on.

This year's trip "up north" included a week on Duck Lake, just down the road from Interlochen. We caught fish! Legally. As part of our journey we also travelled further north to Leland, Glen Arbor, Traverse City and Frankfort. Much of our time was spent in row boats, in the water, and t-shirt shopping. We also visited the famed Interlochen Center for the Arts where we acquainted the boys with the idea of attending a music summer camp. Their enthusiasm was, to say the least, muted. But! Both boys have taken up an instrument this year (5th Grade); Graham on the trombone, and Stuart on the violin.

Our summer was made complete by a visit from friends who came all the way from the west coast. Val and Co. made a heroic trek from the island by van across western Canada and northern MI (via the UP). They braved many storms and late night escapes during their adventure. Moose, Suzanne and the girls arrived by plane at the same time. There was much barbecuing, swimming, a kayak trip on the mighty Huron, and fire-fly catching during their stay; we capped off the week w/ an overnighter on Mackinac Island.

Alia is doing a long term stint in China, teaching English to Chinese students, all the while working toward her journalism degree. We hope to see her again in 2018, but dates are uncertain. Liam is finishing up his senior year at WWU -- last we heard, plans still include moving toward a PA certification, but options abound when you've got a BS in biochem. =O)